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Technology Consulting for a Public Health Agency

The challenge

To sum up, the regional emergency preparedness and MRC coordinators needed support to better serve their communities. So, they were looking for a technical advisor they could trust. As a result, they contacted Aciron to help with this initiative. First, our technical strategy experience helped the client feel at ease.

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Moreover, Aciron was present whenever needed for meetings with the client. For instance, we provided insight and technology recommendations for projects.

Most importantly, Aciron explained the market options for data migration (ex. managing a public website). In other words, Aciron was able to present options for a technical strategy, provide explanations and build a relationship of trust with the client.


In conclusion, Aciron personnel worked with the client on a regular basis, however, to help the coordinators navigate through the technology space. Therefore, we conducted weekly calls, in-person meetings. As a result, we made recommendations and assisted the client with managing their data.

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