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Study Management System for a Pharmaceutical Research Organization

The challenge

Firstly, the organization had been following an ad hoc process to manage the numerous activities that were performed while conducting studies. Additionally, they used spreadsheets to record the data for Pharmacology and In Vivo studies. But, because of the different needs of the studies, the organization needed a comprehensive study management system. Therefore, they contacted Aciron to develop a study management system that would allow users to manage their studies and operations digitally.

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In conclusion, Aciron developed a custom study management system. The system features a dosing and collection schedule feeder. In other words, it automatically calculates all upcoming doses and collections based on each participant.

Moreover, the system allows project managers to control the entire study protocol and current status at their fingertips. In addition, study and project managers can generate reports with the click of a button.

Additional features of the application include:

Study Observation Form, which allows users to record their observations digitally and aggregate these records into one location

Printable study documents, which can be added to testing equipment to help users better track every aspect of the study

Robust Security Infrastructure, including Active Directory integration & role-based permissions for enhanced security

Timepoint Ticker, featuring daily and hourly study timepoints that appear on the system interface like a scrolling ticker


Utilizing a flexible, agile methodology Aciron designed the system to allow for updates and enhancements to be made over time. In conclusion, the custom application standardized the client’s study creation process. It automated the dosing and collections process. Thus, improving researchers’ productivity.

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