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SharePoint Intranet for a Healthcare Organization


Our approach

Aciron conducted a requirements gathering phase to define the client’s strategic direction for the SharePoint portal and understand the network’s process/pain points. In addition, Aciron performed a thorough assessment of the firm’s existing SharePoint intranet to learn how to best configure the management solution.

Aciron developed a set of story-board slides/screen mock-ups. These documents were reviewed with the client so Aciron could incorporate their feedback.

The consultants followed a flexible approach to the configuration of the SharePoint system. This allowed the client to review progress weekly, provide feedback, and make adjustments. As always, Aciron delivered complete visibility into the project progress and provided regular status updates.

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Aciron implemented a custom SharePoint intranet with extranet capabilities that allowed both internal users and external partners to access the system. Aciron configured the system so the network administrators, the parent hospital, and the local community health centers can share information.

Now all parties can communicate, collaborate, share schedules, and access necessary information in one location.

The new SharePoint portal provides the client with the following features:

Shared calendar for easy scheduling and enhanced visibility into events across the network

Comprehensive document management features allowing users to add, manage, and share important documents in one secure, accessible location.

A user-friendly link and resource library for convenient information sharing

A “How Do I?” wiki library for easy knowledge guide creation and viewing

An integrated contact directory

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