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Project Management System for an Engineering Firm


"I found everyone who worked for Aciron to be attentive and thoughtful, providing not only a sounding board for our ideas but also helpful guidance from previous project experience. While developing a web-based project management system, Aciron created something that was tailored to our specific needs with an easy to use interface. In short, I have found our experience with Aciron to be very positive. I am impressed with the work Aciron has done, as well as their professionalism, courtesy, and caring customer service." - Senior Project Manager

The challenge

The firm's project management teams were unhappy with the time and energy spent on data entry and the task of manually creating regular status reports. As a result, they desired a more efficient way to internally manage their tasks, deadlines, and assignments. Thus, the firm contacted Aciron to help develop a custom project management system.

The approach

Aciron validated the business and technical requirements for the system by conducting user interviews and discussing the firm’s needs. The team then prepared story-board screen mock-ups to help the client visualize the system. This process helped the client define the critical project needs.

Aciron developed the application on a phase-by-phase basis to ensure that the project management teams could immediately use the system. Aciron provided regular status reports, design reviews, and consistent contact with the client to incorporate new changes. This enabled us to meet the client’s needs on time and within budget.

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