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IT Assessment for a Retail Chain

Our approach

Aciron began the engagement by performing an in-depth current state analysis. We gained a thorough understanding of the company’s pain points and current processes. Working directly with the CEO, Aciron conducted extensive individual interviews with key stakeholders. We contacted employees from the company’s executive, human resources, IT, and web teams to discuss the current web and technology processes.

Our consultants worked collaboratively to perform an inventory of the company’s existing IT vendors, systems, resources and overall environment. The assessment served to evaluate whether the firm’s technology investments and resources were performing optimally and were properly aligned with the client’s strategic business goals (increasing the exposure of their e-commerce site and growing their overall web presence). This assessment also exposed concerns and risks, and served to enable Aciron to pinpoint areas for cost savings and optimization to ensure that the client would derive the most business value from its technology investments.


Synthesizing all findings, Aciron then developed actionable and targeted recommendations to suggest how best to proceed. These recommendations were developed based on our extensive experience and expertise in performing technology audits of this scope and nature. In addition, our industry expertise and knowledge of best practices were developed to be useful for all stakeholders.

Our consultants made actionable recommendations around the company’s technology platforms and hiring decisions. They completed this in order to streamline processes and increase overall efficiency by creating an omni-channel company presence including web and retail to help them better reach new B2B and B2C clients.


After implementing Aciron’s recommendations, the client is seeing an increase in overall company performance, efficiency, and productivity. Aciron continues to provide the client with ongoing technical consulting support on an as-needed basis.

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