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Implementing SharePoint Intranet for a Law Firm

The challenge

To start, although the firm was engaged with another Microsoft SharePoint consulting vendor, the firm sought to move forward with a different consulting expert. In other words, they were looking for a consultant that could provide the needed support and efficient consulting. In addition, the firm wanted to establish a strong relationship with the vendor. Overall, the firm sought to resolve the issues and engage with a Microsoft SharePoint vendor immediately. As a result, they contacted Aciron Consulting to provide the needed SharePoint consulting services.

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Aciron worked with key stakeholders to thoroughly analyze their SharePoint issues. Aciron developed effective strategies for resolving the problems with the client’s user profile synchronization, search, and Shared Services Provider.

Afterward, Aciron implemented effective solutions tailored to the law firm’s unique business, user, and system requirements. Using best practices, Aciron positioned the organization to optimize its use of its SharePoint platform. In addition, to automate its various business processes within the firm.


In conclusion, Aciron helped the firm migrate its SharePoint intranet with custom workflows. Also, Aciron managed existing and new extranets that the law firm uses to collaborate with their clients.

Since the successful initial engagement, Aciron has become a trusted SharePoint consulting vendor for the firm. Likewise, we continue to work closely with the client and provide regular Microsoft SharePoint consulting services.

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