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Implementing Contract Management System for a Healthcare Organization

The challenge

To start, although portions of their contract management system were up and running, the organization realized they needed help in understanding of the full extent of SharePoint’s capabilities. Additionally, they wanted to customize the system to meet their unique needs. The company decided to contact Aciron for SharePoint consulting services to fast-track development. Furthermore, we would ensure the contract management system was running efficiently and would assist with the customization of the system.

Our approach

Aciron performed a current state assessment to gain a thorough understanding of the project at hand. This included identifying pain points, the functionality of the current SharePoint system, and the requirements needed for customizing the system. Aciron worked collaboratively with the client’s key stakeholders and as a result, the client decided to take a phased approach to the development of the system. This was chosen because it would enable the client to use the system for their most critical needs sooner.

Next, Aciron worked with the client on requirements gathering. During this phase, the Aciron team defined the functionality for the application and developed a series of process flow diagrams/storyboard mock-ups. This allowed the client to gain an understanding of the layout of the customized Microsoft SharePoint site.

Moreover, Aciron created a roadmap for the future development phases of the project to ensure that the first phase of development produced a minimum viable product that the client could start using as soon as possible.

Aciron provided key stakeholders with regular status updates, delivering transparency into the progress of the project. Once development and internal testing were completed, the client was able to perform user acceptance testing (“UAT”). The client then provided feedback on the overall design and functionality of the system, which was taken into account during the final implementation of the application. As a result, additional functionality was added to the system based on the prioritization.

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In short, Aciron developed the system to be flexible. The customized SharePoint contract management system was anticipated to decrease the time it takes to complete the contract approval process. In addition, the system will improve document organization, increase visibility into the contract approval process, and promote collaboration among contract stakeholders.

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