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Developing a Marketing Campaigns Database for a Fashion Company

The creative copy department of an American multinational beauty company was experiencing inefficiencies with their tracking product process. The creative copy department coordinates with other departments, including new product development, packaging, legal, and marketing. This team compiled the necessary information to complete each product’s copy content files. The department was using Microsoft Office 365 Word documents to manage this information. However, because multiple departments were involved in the process, it was difficult to track the locations of the departments product copy documents.

The approach

Through open communication, our team discussed and listed all of the immediate requirements for the creative application. We worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to design a strategic direction and analyze team activities. The client needed help deciding if they should use Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint or develop a custom software. Due to the short time frame and that multiple departments would cross over each other, Aciron recommended that they develop a custom database.

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Aciron worked with the cosmetics company to develop a Creative Copy Application. It acts as a central repository for all information related to product copy content. For Phase 1 of this project, the Aciron team focused on the application’s product dashboard and product details page with add, edit, and view functionality.

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