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Crafting Project Roadmap for Innovative Start-Up

The challenge

To start, the company knew they wanted to develop a tool that would allow consumers and businesses to compare and contrast water quality. At the time, the company possessed immense quantities of data. However, they were unsure of how to move from their current state to a final product that would be accessible to the public. The company needed help in defining a strategic direction and roadmap for the project. Additionally, they were looking for help with defining end goals and overall project objectives.

Green energy Aciron case study


After, Aciron developed a project roadmap and a set of actionable recommendations. However, this happened following the completion of the requirements definition phase. This allowed the client to move forward with their initiative in a streamlined and well-defined manner.

In conclusion, Aciron presented the roadmap and actionable recommendations to the client. As a result, the client decided to engage with Aciron for the development of the custom web application and website. Moreover, with this initiative the firm could promote their water quality certification program.


The website would allow consumers to identify and assess the quality of their drinking water. To learn more about the continuation of this project and the end results, contact us.

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