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Concussion Tracking Database for a Health Department

The approach

Firstly, we parred down requirements so the Aciron team stayed within the budget set for the application development. Therefore, after responding to the client’s RFP, Aciron discussed feasible project expectations with key stakeholders.

Further, we identified the most critical functionality that was needed for a minimum viable product. As a result, Aciron presented the client with a few system options. For example, these options showcased different feature sets and explained how each would affect the project budget. After that, the client was interested in a system that could improve their training process and tracking for certification entries.

In addition, we developed process diagrams to document the client’s workflows and storyboards to articulate the layout of the system. The client, however, wanted an image-heavy design for the application. Therefore, Aciron worked with a local news vendor to obtain photos showcasing the town’s actual athletes.

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In conclusion, Aciron developed a web-based system with a SQL back-end database. Overall, it helps the town track and record the status of coaches’ concussion training and certification data. Most importantly, the application provided the basic functionality needed to automate the department’s training and certification process.


To sum up, the application is a working system that fulfills the client’s critical needs. Similarly, it also provides a solid base for possible future enhancements that the client may request.

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