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Helping a Restaurant Build a Website and Online Storefront

The challenge

Above all, she wanted to expand her brand’s awareness across the country. Therefore, she wanted to drive potential customers to her restaurants and encourage customers to purchase products online. So, she came to Aciron to develop a website, an online shopping cart, and blog, as well as to provide continuous IT support along the way.

The approach

Meanwhile, Aciron began the engagement with our standard initial discovery phase. This allowed Aciron to understand the business and technical needs of the client. After the discovery phase, we worked with the client to brainstorm ideas and provided actionable recommendations. As a result, we arrived at a strategy to achieve the client’s vision.

After that, Aciron suggested a dynamic strategy for the development of the website, blog, and shopping cart. Similarly, this strategy was aimed to help increase brand awareness. While continuously communicating with the client, Aciron started designing and developing all projects. With regular status reports, design reviews, and incorporating client feedback, we were able to incorporate new ideas and changes. Thus, allowing us to fully meet the client’s exact needs.

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