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Software Evaluation for New England College Management System


The challenge

While seeking to eliminate inefficiencies, the client needed to identify a higher education management system to integrate and automate business processes. For example, this includes admissions, content, library, and alumni management. The client contacted Aciron Consulting to weed through the complex software market and identify a system that would best meet the client’s needs.

Our approach

First, Aciron performed a current state assessment of the college’s existing systems, data, processes, and IT environment. Moreover, this allowed Aciron to analyze current processes, gaps, and areas for improvement. In addition, Aciron gathered and analyzed the client’s requirements.

Next, Aciron conducted interactive workshops and individual interviews with the client’s key stakeholders. Most importantly, this allowed Aciron to gain an understanding of the systems and each user’s experience. Through these interviews, Aciron identified users’ specific needs and goals for a new integrated system.

Overall, Aciron identified, compared, and analyzed software solutions. During, the process Aciron and the client identified higher education management systems that best met the client’s requirements. Then, after extensive in-depth analysis, the client selected a system for implementation. Of course, after the client chose a system Aciron assisting with the installing.

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