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Providing Software Consulting for Financial Agency

The approach

Firstly, Aciron conducted in-depth interviews with business leaders and end users from across the agency. During these meetings, Aciron gathered business and technical requirements. Also, Aciron helped the client concisely identify strategies for updating the division’s business processes. Furthermore, we helped the client identify a clear set of software requirements.

Secondly, we developed a need matrix that prioritized each department’s business and technical needs for a system. The team sorted the overall goals by categorizing each need into categories by discussing with agency leaders. For example, these categories were identified as Must Have” and “Nice to Have.”

Next, our consultants \developed a decision matrix to find systems that would help the agency transform their business processes. We were able to help the client identify requirements for transforming business processes. In addition, Aciron identified technology as an enabler. We were then able to provide initial recommendations and approaches for major portions of the new system. In short, after clearly documenting these findings, the agency could make an informed decision on the best system.

Key Insight: A decision matrix allows you to identify, analyze, and prioritize each business need.

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In conclusion, due to our software consulting the agency was able to recognize pain points. For instance, they centered around business processes and inter-department handshakes. In addition, they had a clear vision for the organization’s future direction. Subsequently, the agency identified a set of requirements and strategies to implement the system that will best meet their needs.


The Aciron team worked as a trusted adviser to provide insightful recommendations. In short, the client made a well informed decision.

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