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Launching a SharePoint Intranet

How Aciron does it

A global manufacturing company needed to improve it's document management workflow. The Aciron team outlined SharePoint's capabilities. With client approval, we implemented their customized version. When the client required a data migration years later, they returned. Thankfully, they were again satisfied with our efforts. Overall, they required SharePoint consulting.


"We realized that SharePoint is a vast platform and a successful deployment needs personnel with in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the platform and we have found exactly that in Aciron Consulting staff. Their client-centered approach along with their professionalism and focused customer service definitely made the process and project an effortless endeavor. Their technical expertise goes beyond SharePoint and the personnel's business and technical knowledge further made the experience of working with Aciron a rewarding one." - IT Infrastructure Manager

The challenge

A global automotive lithium-ion manufacturing business grew to thousands of employees globally. The company found itself in need of a new way of organizing documents and intellectual property. In addition, they needed to create an effective collaboration environment. The Information Technology department selected Microsoft SharePoint as the tool to meet their needs. The client came to Aciron Consulting to provide Microsoft SharePoint planning. We also provided configuration, customization, development, and support services.

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Aciron Consulting implemented Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for various departments across the United States. The platform enabled employees to upload documents, create calendars, assign tasks, manage projects, and collaborate across time zones.

Beyond the initial implementation, Aciron continues to provide SharePoint development and support services. Aciron has developed many custom solutions within SharePoint's framework. This allows business teams to extend their functionality of SharePoint. Custom development work has included designing workflows, custom task lists, approval processes, custom video integration, and more.


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