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Implementing IT Solutions for a Law Firm

How Aciron does it

Google's tactics for measuring SEO and website ranking is constantly changing. An experienced vaccine injury law firm needed web design assistance to drive more leads to their website. Overall, our team updated their website layout and content and assisted them in strategy consulting.

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Based on these interviews, Aciron's consultants analyzed the company's IT investments. We identified opportunities to reduce IT spend and increase efficiency. Aciron educated the law firm on best practices, made recommendations to help reach their inquiry goals, and drafted a plan to execute the plan. Aciron's consultants created a prioritized list of suggested website updates for SEO optimization and digital visitor conversion. We mocked up screens to visually demonstrate the proposed updates with the new layout. Aciron also focused on the company's digital marketing needs to determine whether they needed to hire a dedicated internal personnel or an external vendors.


Aciron worked with the key stakeholders at the law firm. We developed a comprehensive strategy for attracting strong client leads and increasing the number of inquiries. The client worked with Aciron and their current web design vendor to implement recommended updates and streamline user experience.

The updates included:
• A shorter, less intimidating contact form to increase conversion rates.
• Interactive client map that showcases the firm's experience representing all 50 states.
• Updated company bio with new photos of the staff, which personalized and differentiated the organization.

Based on the discoveries made in initial consulting sessions, Aciron made our recommendations. The law firm was advised to turn over control of their marketing to a vendor that specialized in web design and SEO optimization. In addition, the vendor would be specialized in the law industry. Aciron performed a comprehensive vendor evaluation and selection phase.

During this we researched, short-listed, and interviewed digital marketing firms. Based on Aciron's research and advice, the law firm decided to hire a vendor that had an in-depth understanding of the legal industry's unique marketing needs.

The new digital marketing firm took over control of the law firm's SEO, Google AdWords advertising, website hosting, and website updates. They were well positioned to help the boutique law firm attract more high-quality leads and grow their business.

In addition to an external vendor to manage the firm's digital marketing efforts, Aciron also recommended that the law firm hire a full-time internal resource. An in-house marketing resource allowed the firm to expand its marketing efforts without a large time commitment from the lawyers.

Aciron's consultants assisted the law firm with the recruiting process by developing a job description, screening resumes, and conducting interviews. The law firm hired a full-time digital marketing associate who spearheaded inbound and outbound marketing.

The digital marketing associate has the specialized marketing skills to be able to work independently, allowing the lawyers to focus their time and effort on legal cases.


In conclusion, the law firm was extremely happy with the progress they made towards their digital marketing goals. They continue to work with Aciron on this and other strategic initiatives.

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