Launching a SharePoint intranet

How Aciron does it

A global manufacturing company needed to improve it's document management workflow. The Aciron team outlined SharePoint's capabilities and, with client approval, implemented their own customized version. When the client required a data migration years later, they returned and were again satisfied with our efforts.

What we did
  • Needs Assessments
  • Employee Intranet
  • Software Configuration
  • Integrated Security
  • Microsoft SharePoint

The challenge

A global automotive lithium-ion manufacturing company, with thousands of employees in multiple offices across the United States and abroad found itself in need of a new way of organizing documents and intellectual property, as well as creating an effective collaboration environment. The Information Technology department selected Microsoft SharePoint as the tool to meet their needs. The client came to Aciron Consulting to provide Microsoft SharePoint planning, implementation and configuration, customization, development, and support services.

Our approach

Aciron began the engagement with our standard initial discovery phase in order to thoroughly understand the exact needs of the client. Aciron then presented an initial introduction to Microsoft SharePoint to the entire company. By providing a general overview of the product and its capabilities, the client was able to understand how such an intranet portal would benefit their day to day business operations. Following the presentation, Aciron spoke with management, individual departments, and other key stakeholders to develop an effective strategy to make SharePoint a robust and streamlined collaboration and document management tool with all desired features and requirements.


Aciron Consulting implemented Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for various departments across the United States and abroad. The platform enabled the employees to upload documents, create calendars, assign tasks, manage projects, and collaborate across time zones.

Beyond the initial implementation, Aciron continues to provide SharePoint implementation, customization, development, and support services to the client. Aciron has developed many custom solutions within the SharePoint framework to allow business units and teams to extend the functionality of SharePoint to meet their needs. Custom development work has included designing and developing workflows, custom task lists, approval processes, custom video integration, and more.


Aciron Consulting continues to maintain a strong, long-term relationship with the client and has continued to support the organization with SharePoint implementation and configuration, branding, development, and support for the past 4 years. Last year, the Aciron team performed a successful migration of the entire SharePoint infrastructure from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 along with all customizations and themes.

Let's invent the future.