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Developing a paperless financial reporting system

How Aciron does it

Paper-based time reports can slow down even the most efficient company workflow. A Boston-based non-profit hospital and physicians network wanted to change their reporting process. Our team developed a custom web application that allowed their physicians to meet TEFRA requirements via autogenerated reports.

What we did
  • Requirements Analysis
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Database Development
  • Web Application
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

The challenge

A large Boston-based hospital network came to Aciron for assistance once it realized it had an inefficient reporting process in compliance with the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA). Under the TEFRA law, the hospital is required to have its physicians complete reports that detail the typical amount of hours that they work and a more detailed breakdown of those hours. This was previously accomplished through a manual paper-based form distribution process. Hospital administrative staff would then collect the forms and manually compile the information to create reports. This process was inefficient, time-consuming, and provided little visibility into reported data. The hospital staff realized the need for an easier and more efficient method of form completion, collection, and reporting, and engaged Aciron to develop an application that would streamline the collection and reporting processes of the required semi-annual TEFRA forms

Our approach

Aciron consultants worked closely with key hospital personnel to gather and analyze the project’s requirements while gaining an understanding of TEFRA reporting and how it could be streamlined. Once we had gained a further understanding of the project and had discussed all possible development options, Aciron decided, together with the client, to develop a secure, custom, browser-based system that would be designed according to the exact specifications of the client. Aciron conducted a series of requirements-gathering sessions and developed a set of story-board slides/screen mock-ups that enabled the client to visualize the application. Aciron followed an agile, flexible approach to the development of the system, allowing the client to regularly review, provide feedback, and make adjustments to it. Aciron engaged key stakeholders and provided regular status updates, delivering complete visibility into the progress of the project. We delivered a scalable, end-to-end system that met all of the client’s needs and, further, engaged in needed customization to integrate the application into the client’s environment.


Aciron developed a custom web-based application for the large hospital network that provides an electronic method for physicians to log and report hours and also provides an electronic medium for then generating the required reports for such data. The user-friendly system, tailored to unique processes of the hospital, contains the following key features: • Ability for department administrators to distribute, track, and collect physician time logs. • Access for physicians and physician assistants to complete physician time logs. • Reporting capabilities for administrators.


Aciron developed the system to be scalable and flexible, such that extended functionality and enhancements can easily be implemented into the system in future builds. The application provided the hospital network with a simple and streamlined electronic method of completing the TEFRA requirements to help enhance efficiency within the organization. The custom application is anticipated to increase the overall physician response rate, decrease the amount of time and effort needed to create and collect the form information, and allow for deeper analysis and more visibility into reported data.

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