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Aciron develops modern, user-friendly intranets for clients to improve operational efficiency and automate business processes.

Intranets are powerful enterprise tools that help companies manage resources, improve communication and collaboration, enhance productivity, securely distribute and manage internal documents, and more. Whatever your business goals, Aciron consultants have the expertise to help you implement a custom intranet solution that transforms the way you work.


Intranet Planning + Strategy

In-Depth Needs Assessment

Our consultants will complete a detailed needs assessment by conducting in-depth requirements gathering interviews with your key stakeholders to define and prioritize your most important intranet requirements.

Platform Evaluation + Selection

As a technology-agnostic consultancy, we can help you determine what platform is right for your intranet (including SharePoint, WordPress, .NET/SQL, and more) by evaluating your organization’s unique needs and exploring potential market solutions.

Implementation Planning

Aciron combines management and technology consulting to help you plan for your intranet implementation from both business and technology perspectives. We ensure that your implementation has your company’s long-term goals in mind.

Intranet Design + Development

Modern, User-Friendly Design

Aciron’s consultants design user-friendly, visually compelling intranets for clients that act as collaboration hubs, promoting employee engagement and improving communication.

Information Architecture + Sitemap Design

Aciron will design your intranet’s information architecture (IA) and sitemap to organize and label your intranet’s sub-sites, content, and documents to support system usability and ensure an optimized search experience.

Intranet Redesign + Optimization

Have an existing intranet? Our consultants can redesign your intranet to improve user adoption by modernizing the look and feel, adding your company logo and branding elements, and adding new functionality to the system.

Intranet Migration + Integration

Comprehensive Migration Services

Our intranet migration services include migration assessment & planning, migration from a legacy system to a new technology platform (on-premises or in the cloud), data migration, and migration support.

Seamless Third-Party Application Integration

Integrate your intranet with your company’s existing technologies like your HR management system, document management system, collaboration tools, project management system, etc.

Intranet Support and Maintenance

After the implementation of your intranet, Aciron, as a strategic partner, offers clients flexible support and maintenance services to ensure that their intranet continues to operate optimally.

how we do it…

Acting as an internal collaboration tool, an intranet includes features like discussion boards, document libraries, and robust search tools that encourage and simplify collaboration.

Intranet sites are useful for companies of all sizes — from a 5-person start-up to a 50,000-person operation. The fact is this: once a company’s size has expanded beyond a team of 2-3 people, communication suffers. From misinformation to utilizing outdated versions of critical documents, a lack of cohesion across teams and departments can negatively impact your bottom line.

Intranets can simplify knowledge management by allowing users to manage documents, project information, and forms in one secure location using a customized web portal. You can also use an intranet portal to:

  • Securely distribute confidential content
  • Track important events and deadlines with a shared calendar
  • Create employee self-service portals for use by HR departments
  • Maintain project and document history to keep track of notes and versioning

Our consultants have developed intranets on a variety of platforms/technologies including:

Microsoft SharePoint

Aciron’s consultants have over 12 years of experience configuring and customizing SharePoint intranets using the platform’s robust built-in functionality.

Microsoft .NET Technologies

Aciron is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with expertise in developing custom intranet solutions in .NET, ASP.NET, VB .NET, MVC, and C#.


The Aciron team is experienced in selecting, implementing, and configuring WordPress themes and plugins to create an easy-to-manage intranet solution.

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