Extranet Portal Development

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Aciron’s expert consultants develop intuitive, user-friendly extranet portals for clients to improve communication and collaboration with clients, vendors, members, and more!

Extranets are powerful portals that companies can use to create a communication and collaboration hub for external parties by allowing users to securely distribute and manage documents, purchase and manage inventory, engage with members, and more. Whatever your business goals, Aciron consultants have the expertise to help you implement a custom extranet solution that transforms the way you work.


Member/Volunteer Portal

Comprehensive User Profiles

Give your members/volunteers a great user experience with a self-service digital portal where they can update their account information (like personal or financial data) and engage with your organization.

Digital Sign-Up Forms

Eliminate the hassle of paper-based (Word or PDF) membership and volunteer applications. Instead, digital sign-up forms make it easy to apply and allow your staff to instantly access/review applications.

News and Event Notifications

Engage with members and improve your participation rate by keeping members/volunteers up-to-date on your organization’s latest news and events with announcements and notifications on their portal dashboard.

Dealer/Vendor Portal

Easy Order Placement

Empower your dealers and vendors by giving them access to a product/service database where they can submit orders quickly and easily via standardized digital request forms in a secure extranet portal.

Up-to-Date Information Sharing

Keep business partners informed with the most up-to-date product and service information by allowing your employees to securely communicate with them through a web-based dealer/vendor portal.

Personalized Dashboards

Role-based access to personalized, secure dashboards ensures that your vendors and dealers have access to the relevant product/service information, ordering data, and sales collateral they need right at their fingertips.

Client/Customer Portal

Simple Document Sharing

Improve document sharing with clients and customers by ditching email chains and providing them with an organized document library where they can access and collaborate on important documents.

Streamlined Customer Service

Provide customer service assistance online by giving users access to helpful FAQs, documentation, discussion boards, or live chat — so they can get personalized help when and where they need it.

Digital Customer Journey

Our consultants can help you design a digital customer experience that will allow you to better support your customers throughout their entire lifecycle, from on-boarding to product/service delivery and beyond!

how we do it…

Acting as an external collaboration tool, an extranet portal includes features like digital forms, document libraries, and streamlined communication modules that encourage and simplify collaboration.

Extranet portals allow you to securely share information with specific people from outside your organization, reducing the risk of miscommunication between internal and external parties. You can create individual pages for specific clients so they can see information pertaining to them, or provide customer service assistance online to further improve customer experience.

Additionally, an extranet can facilitate communication and collaboration with business partners, vendors, or dealers. Keep key business contacts informed with the most up-to-date information by allowing users to access personalized dashboards on a web-based portal.

Our consultants have developed extranets on a variety of platforms/technologies including:

Microsoft SharePoint

Aciron’s consultants have over 12 years of experience configuring and customizing SharePoint extranets using the platform’s robust built-in functionality.

Microsoft .NET Technologies

Aciron is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with expertise in developing custom extranet portals in .NET, ASP.NET, VB .NET, MVC, and C#.


The Aciron team is experienced in selecting, implementing, and configuring WordPress themes and plugins to create an easy-to-manage extranet portal.

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