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Go-to-Market Strategy for Innovative Start-Up

How Aciron does it

A Massachusetts-based industry certification and research company collects and analyzes drinking water quality data. Overall, this company analyzes water quality from over 50,000 community systems. They were looking for a custom web application.

What we did
  • Technology Consulting
  • User Registration
  • Custom Web Application
  • Interactive Webstie
  • Google Maps Integration

The challenge

Firstly, the startup was looking to bring vast data to the consumers. For example, they needed to develop a tool to allow consumers and businesses to compare and contrast the water quality. Therefore, the client turned to Aciron Consulting for expert assistance in shaping their strategy for the new business opportunity. Additionally, Aciron would develop a custom web application and website. In other words, the goal was to promote the firm’s water quality certification program. Secondly, it needed to allow consumers to identify and assess the drinking water quality.

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