Utilizing WordPress to Create a Branded Intranet for a Retail Development Firm

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The largest retail development firm in New England was in the process of a rebranding effort that included relaunching their corporate website and internal company branding materials. As part of this rebranding effort, the firm wanted to redesign their outdated intranet site to follow the same design standards as the corporate website. The company sought Aciron Consulting’s expertise for developing a design-heavy intranet that would complement their new corporate branding.


Aciron began the engagement by meeting with the client’s key stakeholders to flesh out requirements for the intranet. Initially, the client expressed interest in building the intranet on Microsoft SharePoint, so the Aciron team met with the client’s key stakeholders to demonstrate the “out-of-the-box” capabilities of a SharePoint intranet. After seeing the demonstration, the client made it clear that design was the key goal of the initiative and that there would need to be an accelerated timeline so that the intranet release could coincide with the release of the new public-facing website.

Based on these requirements, Aciron’s team of consultants explained that custom development could be done on top of SharePoint to meet the client’s unique design requirements, but such customization could be extremely time-intensive. For this reason, as well as the client’s accelerated timeline, Aciron recommended that the intranet be developed on a content management system like WordPress in order to achieve a highly-customized design in the short timeframe. WordPress is a user-friendly and intuitive content management system that would allow for quick setup and development, as well as great flexibility for design customization, which is easily achieved by implementing and customizing a theme.

Aciron worked closely with the client to meet the project goals on time and within budget. We configured the client’s new server and installed and configured the WordPress platform. The Aciron team assisted the client with theme selection by providing advice on design and usability, and then installed, configured, and customized the chosen WordPress theme to help the company maintain consistency across the brand. Aciron developed page templates for the site, which allowed the client to create new pages that maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the intranet. In the interest of time and budget, the client chose to internalize some tasks, like content migration and management, which was simple to do on the user-friendly WordPress platform. Aciron also helped the client to choose, install, and adapt plugins that added desired functionality and design elements to the site. The team ensured that the plugins were able to fully integrate with the client’s system by working with the plugins’ authors to overcome any issues that arose.

After implementing the system, Aciron provided user training for the client’s key stakeholders and administrative users to show them how to add new pages, update content, adjust theme settings, and navigate WordPress. This training allowed the client’s project team to manage the site moving forward and ensured that the client felt comfortable with the WordPress platform.


Aciron helped the client to develop a branded intranet on the WordPress platform. The intranet’s clean, sleek design ensures that it feels consistent with the company’s new branding and like a continuation of the public-facing website. The chosen WordPress theme incorporates similar design elements to the corporate site, and the intranet uses the company’s new color scheme, redesigned logo, and custom font.

Beyond the look and feel of the site, the new intranet also helps the firm to enhance collaboration, organization, and efficiency in the company. The intranet promotes internal communication by featuring company news and announcements, as well as by providing employees with an idea box where they can submit suggestions to corporate leadership. The intranet also features an HR hub where employees can easily find the information and resources they need.

Since implementing the new intranet, the client has been able to utilize the training we provided to easily manage and update the content of the site to ensure that users have access to relevant, up-to-date information. The client continues to expand the site using the page templates we created for them and is extremely pleased with the versatility and robustness of the WordPress platform.

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