Unifying Contact Management with an Agency-Wide CRM

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An independent, quasi-public agency that provides financing for affordable housing had an agency-wide need for a unified customer relationship management (CRM) system. The agency was capturing and managing contact information in several different systems, with no standardized process between the agency’s different divisions. The organization was looking to create a system to manage all divisions’ contact information and to support their growing business development needs. For this reason, the agency hired Aciron to conduct a thorough assessment of their CRM needs, evaluate CRM options in the marketplace, and recommend a CRM system that would best meet the agency’s needs.

How We Added Value:

Conducted user interviews with key stakeholders from across the agency. The Aciron project team worked closely with the client’s key stakeholders to discuss, analyze, and capture all CRM needs and priorities, which included the ability to track contact information and contact communications, generate reports, and manage marketing campaigns.

Determined the priorities of each department’s CRM needs in relation to the overall company CRM goals by categorizing them into “Must Have” and “Nice to Have” buckets. After analyzing these requirements, we created a decision matrix outlining how the features of leading CRM vendors’ solutions addressed the agency’s needs. By analyzing the decision matrix, Aciron and the client were able to narrow down the list of CRMs.

Evaluated the features of two CRM options to provide the client with insightful recommendations. To conduct this assessment, Aciron worked with the CRM vendors’ representatives, conducted in-depth research and used our experience with both systems. We reviewed the client’s “Must-Have” requirements and each system’s pros and cons. Our team compiled these findings and our final recommendations in a report. 


After conducting user interviews, gathering and prioritizing CRM requirements, and performing the vendor evaluation and analysis, Aciron recommended that the client select Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM system.

Currently, the agency is still determining the best way to move forward with implementation and in what capacity Aciron’s consultants will assist. The agency is also eager to more accurately track all touch points and communications they have with external entities so that they can analyze and improve their business development and customer service efforts.

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