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Transforming Non-Profit Custom Software for Report Generation

The challenge

To start, the existing tool the team had was not meeting their research needs. As a result, they approached Aciron Consulting to reconstruct an online toolkit. In short, it would assess the effectiveness of engaging volunteers in public health events. Overall, the new system increased data collection, thorough analysis, and data reporting from field locations throughout the country.

Our approach

Therefore, Aciron conducted brainstorming sessions to capture and thoroughly understand the client’s needs and goals. Then, Aciron analyzed project requirements,the practicality of the existing system, and identified improvement areas.

Aciron presented a strategy for the development and design of a new online survey system and toolkit. For example, this would facilitate more effective gathering and analysis of research data. Thus, providing sophisticated statistical analysis and graphical representation of real-time results. Throughout the engagement, Aciron personnel answered questions and offered suggestions. Also, Aciron continuously discussed the project with the client to make sure the client’s needs were fulfilled.

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