Streamlining Test Data Management for a National Defense Contractor

Case Study: Test Data Analysis Application

Service: Custom Software Development, Custom Database Development

Industry: Defense

Company TypePublic


The energy division of a leading global security & aerospace defense contractor is in the process of developing and testing battery prototypes. The tests conducted on the battery prototypes generate a massive amount of data. The tests must also be paired with metadata from the prototype apparatus for analysis to be completed. The company was using multiple solutions to store and analyze the data. However, they found this process to be inefficient and frustrating. As a result, the organization contacted Aciron Consulting. Aciron would develop a unified solution for the collection, storage, and analysis of test data.

How We Added Value:

Aciron gathered and fleshed out the requirements for the system. This initial phase allowed the client and the Aciron team to fully understand the scope of the project. In addition, it allowed the teams to determine the advanced technical specifications and requirements for the system.

Aciron developed a clickable prototype of the system. Thus, allowing the client to understand the proposed look and feel of the application. This prototype was developed iteratively through a series of meetings in which the client was able to give feedback prior to the actual development. The prototype served as a clear roadmap for the system and was invaluable in maintaining a reasonable timeline for development. Storyboards, process flow diagrams, and business rules documentation were also created. This ensured that once the system was developed, it would look and function as defined.

Aciron completed storyboards and process flow diagrams, thus, moving the project moved into Phase 1. In Phase 1, the first three portions of the application were developed according to the requirements defined in the initial phase. Once development and internal testing were complete, the application was deployed to a test environment. Therefore, allowing the client to perform user acceptance testing (“UAT”).

During UAT, the client was able to identify some necessary tweaks and modifications to the system to allow it to be the most valuable to the company. The features identified during UAT were developed and implemented in the system prior to the application being deployed to a live, production environment.


Aciron developed a web-based application with a SQL Server back-end database. This database allowed the client to track their battery component inventory, build batteries using available components, set up tests, and store, process, and manage the resulting test data. The database pairs the test data with the apparatus metadata. Users can analyze this data via sophisticated search and reporting functionality. Thus, greatly improving the team’s efficiency with processing test data.

The system is built around a robust security framework. The user-friendly interface of the front-end application allows users to easily perform advanced functions. Users can now simply enter the criteria for the type of data they are looking for. Then, the system will present the results in a user-friendly format.

The custom test data analysis application has helped the client to better organize and standardize their data management. The database has improved collaboration and the sharing of knowledge across departments. The system is currently in Phase 2 of development. This phase includes the test data processing components of the application.

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