Streamlining IT Processes and Providing Ongoing Technical Strategy

Case Study:

Service: Strategy Consulting

Industry: Public Health

Company TypeNon-Profit


A public health region in Massachusetts was going through a series of technology-related discussions and desired to streamline the IT process. The regional emergency preparedness and MRC coordinators needed support to better serve their communities. They were looking for a technical advisor they could trust. As a result, they contacted Aciron to help with this initiative. 

How We Added Value:

First, Aciron conducted a kickoff meeting to discuss the current projects and future requirements. Then, Aciron provided the client with recommendations and ideas as to how Aciron consultants could help. Once requirements were gathered and the realms of consulting were determined, Aciron set forth a plan to help the client outline its role as a trusted technical advisor.

Aciron personnel worked with the client on a regular basis to help the coordinators navigate through the technology space. Therefore, we conducted weekly calls, in-person meetings, made recommendations and assisted the client with managing their data.


Aciron was present whenever needed for meetings with the client and provided insight and technology recommendations for projects. Whether it was in explaining the market options for data migration or the options for managing a public website, Aciron was able to present options. Aciron was also able to provide explanations and build a relationship of trust and knowledge with the client.

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