Streamlining Client Communication through Customized CRM

Case Study:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting


A regional planning agency serving the cities and towns in Greater Boston wanted to create a comprehensive view of the many different contacts that they maintained throughout the state. At the time, the organization was collecting, storing, and managing thousands of contacts across numerous mediums. These mediums included Excel spreadsheets, personal email contact lists, and even Rolodexes. In addition, the organization lacked a centralized customer relationship management tool. Therefore, the organization experienced gaps in communication and was unable to fully leverage key business intelligence.

How We Added Value:

The Aciron team met with key stakeholders to identify pain points. After the initial meeting, Aciron and the client defined goals for the project. These goals included building a comprehensive view of these contacts, eliminating contact duplication, and facilitating collaboration between teams.

Aciron then developed a sound strategy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and began the project with an initial vanilla implementation of the system. This initial implementation was used to further facilitate requirements gathering for the customized application. Therefore, the goal of this initial strategy was to build a system that would allow the agency to maintain key data points for thousands of contacts.


The Aciron team installed, configured, and customized the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system based on the client’s specific needs. By providing a vanilla implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a starting point, Aciron and the client defined key pain points. Thus, allowing for the successful development of a custom system to provide the agency with a comprehensive view of its contacts. The custom system was developed using front-end customization and back-end custom programming. Furthermore, this customization provided a clean look and feel and provided the opportunity for more advanced features.

Aciron also worked closely with the agency to migrate the organization’s extensive existing Outlook contacts to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Also, we integrated the system with Constant Contact and trained the organization’s diverse staff on the system.

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