Simplifying a Complex Project Management and Reporting Process

Case Study: Custom Project Management System

Service: Custom Software Development, Custom Database Development

Industry: Engineering

Company TypePrivate


A large engineering consulting firm manages various client projects for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients across New England. The firm was experiencing inefficiencies in managing its project data. Its project management teams were unhappy with the time and energy spent on data entry and manually creating regular status reports. As a result, they desired a quicker, more efficient way to internally manage their tasks, deadlines, and assignments. Thus, the firm contacted Aciron to develop a custom project management system to enhance productivity and collaboration among project teams.

How We Added Value:

Aciron validated the business and technical requirements for the system by conducting user interviews and discussing the firm’s needs. Then, Aciron prepared a story-board presentation (or screen mock-ups) to help the client visualize the system before it was built. The process helped the client clearly define the critical needs of the system.

Aciron developed the application on a phase-by-phase basis so that the project management teams could immediately begin using the system. With subsequent phases, additional features and enhancements were easily and seamlessly implemented to augment the system.

Aciron provided regular status reports, design reviews, and consistent contact with the client. Thus, we were able to incorporate new ideas and changes throughout the entirety of the project. This enabled us to meet the client’s exact needs on time and within budget.


Aciron created an intranet solution. The custom browser-based, database driven project management system provided a centralized location for the client’s entire project management. The comprehensive application allows the project management teams to:

  • Manage projects in accordance with their project management styles
  • Manage tasks, deadlines, and assignments more efficiently
  • Track the progress of projects and quickly generate comprehensive
    status reports
  • Assign tasks to fellow team members and track tasks’ progress
  • Provide and receive updates on any given project
  • Manage client information, including billing information
  • Track issues that arise during projects

Linked to the firm’s existing accounting system, the system has eliminated many of the project management activities’ inefficiencies. The custom system continues to play a critical role in ensuring high productivity and collaboration among the firm’s project management teams.

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