Revamping How Multi-Million Dollar Projects are Managed

Case Study: Microsoft SharePoint Project Management System

Service: Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

Industry: Professional Services

Company TypePrivate


A research and consulting firm that specializes in energy, economic, and environmental topics had recently implemented Microsoft SharePoint as its Intranet platform. The firm was in the process of configuring and customizing the platform to meet its various business needs. As a result, they were looking to leverage SharePoint for its project management needs. Hoping to improve the efficiency and quality of project management processes, the firm engaged Aciron to provide SharePoint consulting services. Aciron would develop a custom project management system leveraging the client’s SharePoint platform.

How We Added Value:

Aciron performed a requirements gathering session in order to define and analyze the client’s requirements and strategic direction for the system. Aciron conducted a series of requirements-gathering interviews with key stakeholders to understand the firm’s project management processes and pain points. In addition, Aciron gathered business and technical requirements for a new system. Furthermore, Aciron performed a thorough assessment of the firm’s existing SharePoint intranet. This allowed us to examine how to best configure and customize the system.

Aciron designed comprehensive storyboards and process flow diagrams and regularly reviewed such documentation with the client. Then, we incorporated client feedback throughout the process. 

Aciron followed an agile, flexible approach to the development of the system. Thus, allowing the client to regularly review, provide feedback, and make adjustments to it. By engaging key stakeholders, the client got complete visibility into the progress of the project. In the end, we delivered a scalable, end-to-end system that met all of the client’s needs.


Aciron configured and customized the firm’s existing SharePoint infrastructure. As a result, we developed a custom project management system tailored to the unique processes of the client. The project management solution allows the client to plan and manage projects throughout the project lifecycle. This includes the initiation phase, planning, execution, and project closure. The intuitive system includes comprehensive opportunity tracking, contact management, project and resource planning, task planning and management, and reporting functionality.

In addition, Aciron assisted the client in migrating its existing sales, project, and other relevant data to the new system. The integrated custom system has enhanced visibility into projects, increased effective collaboration among project team members, optimized resource planning, and improved decision-making processes. Therefore, the company has realized high user-adoption and user engagement with the new SharePoint solution.

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