Revamping Business Process to Manage Global Contracts

Case Study: Microsoft SharePoint Contract Management System

Service: Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

Industry: Manufacturing

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A global consumer goods manufacturing company was seeking to automate and streamline its contract management processes. Thus, allowing the legal department to respond to, proactively manage, and optimize contracts and obligations more effectively. Utilizing manual and paper-based processes for contract management, the legal department was investing a great deal of time in collecting necessary information in order to draft and effectively review agreements. Additionally, the legal department had little-to-no visibility into previously executed contracts. After internally performing a discovery phase, the company was unable to identify a system that would sufficiently meet their unique requirements for contract management. Therefore, the company contacted Aciron Consulting to develop a custom contract management system. Aciron determined that in order for the company to effectively manage contracts, the best solution was to develop a custom Microsoft SharePoint.

How We Added Value:

Aciron worked closely with the client to perform a requirements gathering session. During this phase, Aciron defined and analyzed the current state of the client’s contract management processes and tools and its pain points. We also identified any business and technical requirements. Through in-depth interviews and meetings with key stakeholders, Aciron consultants were able to gain a complete view of the client’s needs and goals. Then, Aciron synthesized requirements for a custom SharePoint contract management system into a single, unified vision.

Aciron created reviewed story-board presentations and process flow diagrams to help the client visualize and modify the system prior to development. Aciron took a phased approach to the development of the SharePoint contract management system. Thus, enabling the client to use the system for its most critical needs quickly. It also ensured user adoption and engagement and minimized disruption to end users.

Regularly reviewing reports and designs, the client was able to incorporate new ideas and changes throughout the project. Therefore, ensuring we met the client’s specific and evolving needs for the SharePoint contract management system.


Aciron helped the company move its contract management process from a “paper and file cabinet” system to Microsoft SharePoint. With Aciron’s guidance, the client can synthesize their document management, track negotiations and discussions. In addition, the client can improve their internal collaboration, and inform their decision-making process based on precedent.

Additionally, Aciron has implemented custom workflows for all contract types.  Now, the legal department processes all of its contracts through the SharePoint contract management system. The custom workflows automate the process for reviewing and approving contracts. Thus, increasing operational efficiency. With the robust contract creation and approval process, the client can develop, proactively manage, and optimize strong, long-term business relationships.

Other capabilities of the system include:

  • Standardized request forms to gather all key information for contract and agreement creation
  • Integrated discussion boards to facilitate collaboration among departments involved with contract creation and negotiations
  • 360-degree view of contracts for visibility into risk and exposure
  • Complete, current view of global contracts, supporting documentation, amendments, and sub-agreements
  • Access to any contract at any time, anywhere
  • Comprehensive search for instant retrieval
  • Auditing and automatic version control
  • Robust security framework, including granular role-based document access

The system was developed to be scalable and flexible, such that it will be easily adapted to the client’s evolving requirements. Aciron will continue to work on system enhancements and additional functionality.

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