Redefining Processes to Provide Key Business Insights

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Industry: Manufacturing

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A global consumer goods manufacturing company was experiencing business inefficiencies in its contract management process. The organization’s legal department had a need to improve the way they responded to, managed, and optimized contracts. At the time, the organization was utilizing a combination of different manual and digital processes. 

The corporation performed an analysis to determine the best possible solution for efficiently managing the lifecycle of contracts. However, the company was unable to identify a system that satisfied the department’s unique needs. Therefore, the company contacted Aciron to conduct a thorough business process definition phase. This would allow them to determine the best possible solution for managing the lifecycle of a contract.

How We Added Value:

Aciron conducted an extensive month-long process definition phase to clearly define and analyze the current state of the client’s contract management processes. We analyzed the client’s tools, both digital and manual.

Aciron conducted interviews with key stakeholders to understand current processes. We worked to analyze key pain points in current processes, and define goals and objectives for the new system.


After gaining a complete view of the client’s needs and goals, Aciron and the client identified Microsoft SharePoint as the best Contract Management solution for the client’s unique needs. Throughout the process, Aciron synthesized requirements and documented a unified vision for a system that would be scalable and user-friendly. Also, we determined SharePoint would transform the department’s work into a more efficient contract management process.

The client chose to continue working with Aciron for the customization, design, and development of the Microsoft SharePoint system. Further details about this project can be found in our Revamping Business Process to Manage Global Contracts Case Study.

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