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Providing Membership Management Software for Non-Profit

"We contracted to work on one project with Aciron, and I was so impressed with the results that I soon decided to change course and hand over the design of an interactive member's portal. The results have been nothing short of spectacular and we've received much positive feedback from our membership. I am delighted with the diligence, attention to detail and kindness that Aciron and their technical staff have displayed and would recommend Aciron Consulting without qualification or hesitation."​ - Executive Director

The challenge

In order to accomplish this feat, the organization needed to easily access and manage detailed, up-to-date information on its members. Thus, the organization contacted Aciron to develop a custom web-based management system. To clarify, this system would be tailored to the organization’s needs. Therefore, allowing the organization to easily track and manage essential membership information.

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In conclusion, Aciron developed a custom web-based database system. In short, it enabled the nonprofit to easily track, organize, and manage its members. To sum up, the membership management system can maintain an effective program by:

Maintaining a complete membership directory

Tracking and updating members’ information and membership records

Tracking members’ dues, payments, and orders

Accepting membership registrations online

Managing all users’ roles within the system

Accessing data anytime over the internet

Maintaining the security of member information via a robust security framework, and more.


So, the database system was developed to be flexible. To clarify, enhancements can be implemented easily. However, the system can seamlessly adapt to meet the client’s evolving requirements.

As a result, the custom management system continues to play a vital role in within the organization. Furthermore, the system has improved member participation and retention.

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