Promoting Safety in Youth Sports Using Online Training Application

Case Study: Concussion Training Tracking Application


A Massachusetts town health department oversees the town’s recreational athletic program by ensuring that volunteer coaches are properly trained and certified to deal with youth athletic injuries. The town had recently passed an ordinance that required all volunteer coaches to obtain a CDC online concussion training certification. Because of the vast number of sports and the low number of town personnel involved in the certification process, the town had recently passed an ordinance that required all volunteer coaches to obtain a CDC online concussion train the certification process, the town was experiencing inefficiencies in tracking coaches’ concussion certifications. For this reason, the health department reached out to Aciron Consulting for assistance with developing a custom application to automate the training and certification recording process.


In order to fund the concussion training tracking solution, the client received a grant from the state. After responding to the client’s initial RFP, Aciron’s bid was found to be the most cost-effective option; however, it did not fall within the client’s budget as set forth by the grant’s strict budget limitations. Aciron worked with the client to pare down their requirements in order to allow for the development of the application.

Aciron helped the client to identify the most critical functionality that was needed for a minimum viable product. Aciron presented the client with a few options for systems with different feature sets and explained how each would affect the project budget. For the CDC online concussion training process, the client had a choice between linking to the CDC website or displaying the training in an on-page iframe window. For tracking the certification entries, there were also multiple ways that it could be developed, each with varying ramifications for cost. Based on Aciron’s recommendations, the client was able to cut back their requirements so the project could remain within budget.

Key Insight: Exploring ways to implement functionality in an application based on requirements AND budget will help to keep the project on track.

Once the requirements were finalized, the Aciron team began developing process diagrams to document the client’s workflows and storyboards to articulate the look and feel of the system. The client wanted an image-heavy design for the application, so Aciron worked with a local news vendor to obtain photos showcasing the town’s actual athletes. These images helped make the design as relevant as possible to the people who would be using the system.


Aciron developed a web-based system with a SQL back-end database that helps the town track and record the status of coaches’ concussion training and certification data. Key functionality of the application includes:

  • Allows coaches to register, complete the concussion training course without leaving the application, and upload their certificate of completion in one user-friendly online portal.
  • The health department can easily view the status and certificates of all coaches from their administrative dashboard. 

The application provides the basic functionality needed to automate the health department’s training and certification process. As a minimum viable product, the application is a working system that fulfills the client’s most critical needs, while also providing a solid base for any possible future enhancements that the client may request.

Key Insight: Developing a minimum viable product allows users to begin utilizing the application more quickly.

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