Achieving Efficiencies in Emergency Preparedness

Case Study: Online Secure Portal


A city health department that works as a host agent for its region was responsible for enabling the regional communities to assist during emergency situations. It was looking to create an online portal that would make important information pertaining to volunteers, documents, and resources within the communities accessible in time of need.

The biggest challenge with the project was to create a system that integrated the needs and data for the various communities within the region while keeping each community separate for security purposes. The key requirements included allowing personnel at various role levels to access the system and securely maintain important contact information. Additionally, the organization was looking to secure documents and statistical data for each community. As a result, the organization reached out to Aciron Consulting to design a custom online portal. 

How We Added Value:

Aciron worked closely with the client’s key stakeholders to identify, define and document the key requirements of the system’s security and data capture mechanisms. The requirements gathering session allowed our consultants to gain a deeper understanding of the project and its requirements.

Then, we developed a series of process flow diagrams and storyboard mock-ups. With these documents, the client could visualize the look and feel of the application prior to writing any code.

During the requirements gathering sessions, Aciron and the client decided the portal would be broken up into three modules, which would be developed using a phased approach. By developing the system in phases, the client was able to use key pieces of the application more quickly.

Aciron’s team of technical consultants began developing the portal per the client’s requirements. Aciron engaged key stakeholders and provided regular status updates, delivering complete visibility into the progress of the project. In the end, we delivered a scalable, integrated system that digitized and automated the clients emergency preparedness processes.


Aciron developed a custom online emergency preparedness portal. Thus, enabling the client to effectively and efficiently manage volunteers, documents, and resources to respond more quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. This comprehensive online system, accessible through a password-protected portal, includes three integrated applications:

  • Volunteer Management: Quickly and easily identify, credential, train, manage, and mobilize volunteer health professionals for enhanced emergency preparedness.
  • Document Management: Manage, organize, print, and share important documents pertaining to the region’s emergency preparedness matters.
  • Resource Management: Manage region’s assets, contacts, demographics, and vital emergency management information 

The custom system, plays an integral role across the client’s communities. The system has enhanced emergency response readiness, communication, volunteer participation, and efficiency. Additionally, the intuitive system is completely web-based, allowing the client to access critical information, documents, and resources anytime as long as there is internet connection. By utilizing a single, cloud-based platform, the client is able to more effectively engage stakeholders and responsible emergency management professionals. In addition, The system has eliminated the inefficiencies from using multiple databases, technologies, and spreadsheets.

Aciron implemented advanced security features, including role based security. Thus, ensuring the confidentiality and security of the client’s emergency management matters. The system is continuously updated and maintained with features that make organizing a region effective and efficient.

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