Moving Paper-Based Research Studies and Schedules Online

Case Study: Study Management System

Service: Custom Software Development, Custom Database Development

Industry: Biotechnology

Company TypePrivate


A contract research organization (CRO) was encountering several challenges when it came to managing studies it performed in its research facility. The organization used a paper-based manual process for fulfilling study requests and needed an efficient automated solution. As a result, the organization contacted Aciron to develop a study management system. Thus, being able to streamline and automate its process of initiating and managing studies and to assist in its initiative to go green.

How We Added Value:

Aciron met with the client on numerous occasions to better understand the client’s needs. Additionally, Aciron gained an understanding of the processes involved in managing the studies.

Then, Aciron documented the requirements and created a storyboard to visually demonstrate to the client the flow of the application. Once the solution was developed and tested, Aciron conducted a user acceptance testing (UAT) session with the client.

With the UAT session, the client able to provide feedback, which Aciron incorporated when finalizing the system. Over the course of several brainstorming sessions, Aciron and the client finalized the solution. The end product included not just a system for managing studies, but also an end-to-end study scheduling and management system.


Aciron created a custom study management system using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies. This system allows users to initiate studies using a browser-based interface and to manage the entire workflow of studies. In addition, a graphical representation of all the studies being conducted in a given timeframe is available to management with the click of a single button. The system also allows users to filter studies by status and quickly look up the details of a particular study. The robust security framework within the system allows users to only access authorized sections.

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