Identifying Company-wide Inefficiencies for a Construction Firm

Case Study:  Minimize inefficiencies within business processes

Service: Strategy Consulting

Industry: Construction,

Company Type: Private


A construction firm that installs and services a wide range of construction specialty products has been a longtime client of Aciron’s. The client continues to work with Aciron for various types of internal systems. When the company first reached out to Aciron, the new CEO identified a need to bring various departments together. The company realized there were inefficiencies within the departments, which was resulting in lost opportunities for growth. At the time, tasks performed by one department usually were dependent on tasks within another department. The firm hired Aciron to help identify and provide recommendations to minimize current inefficiencies.

How We Added Value:

Conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders from across the firm.  During these meetings, Aciron used business process flow diagrams to clearly and concisely identify strategies for updating and refining the current division’s business processes.

Developed a high-level business process flow diagram for the entire organization. Sitting with key stakeholders, the team prioritized each process and analyzed every detail within each process. This process allowed Aciron to gain a comprehensive understanding of the firm’s current state and needs.

Created “swim lane” diagrams to visually and clearly identify the various handshakes for sub-processes of each business process.

Identified the gaps, inconsistencies, and issues. Aciron prioritized all findings according to the level of impact they had on the client’s ability to achieve its goals. After reviewing the process flow diagrams, the Aciron team made recommendations for improvements and helped the firm with the new “To-Be” processes.

Key Insight: A business process flow diagram will allow you to visually identify business activities within workflows.


After implementing Aciron’s recommendations, the firm continues to see the positive results from the engagement and noticed eliminating inefficiencies has increased productivity and company performance. Aciron continues to provide the client with ongoing technical and strategic consulting support on an as-needed basis.

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