Improving Search Efficiency for a Multinational Software Corporation

Case Study: Customer Success Database

Service: Custom Software Development, Custom Database Development

Industry: Software

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A multinational computer software corporation specializes in speech and imaging applications that enable people to better use technology. Their sales team was looking for a better way to manage their customer success stories, as their current system did not offer search or filtering capabilities. Currently, the sales team at the corporation was using a highly inefficient process, which involved contacting the administrator. Then, the administrator went through each entry to find the relevant items. As a result, the sales team needed a more efficient way to find entries. The company reached out to Aciron to help them create a customer success database. This database would allow them to better leverage information for marketing purposes.

How We Added Value:

Aciron worked collaboratively with the client to validate and analyze the requirements and strategic direction for the application. After discussing a high-level overview of the system, Aciron performed a current state assessment. This assessment identified areas for optimization. Thus, ensuring that the client will derive the most business value from its technology investment. 

Aciron also helped reengineer the client’s customer success information dissemination process. Instead of only accessing customer stories via strict admin access, the new database allows users with proper credentials to search for relevant stories. The client also wanted to include an administrator reporting function. This function gives administrative users key insights into how that application was being used.

Aciron created storyboards and process flow diagrams to visually articulate the layout, terminology, and functionality of the system. Through continuously communicating with the client, the database and application were developed according to the client’s specifications. An interactive, collaborative process with the client helped to ensure the long-term success of the application through flexible updates to the system.


Aciron built a custom database and web-based front-end application. This application helped organize the client’s customer success stories into a searchable document repository. The web-based application provides a secure and user-friendly front-end for the database. Thus, allowing users to search for relevant success stories in a timely manner. Administrators are also able to manage users and add or edit success stories as necessary. In addition, users can generate reports on system usage to allow them to better create and curate the content available to users. Since implementing the application, the sales team has been able to easily find relevant information much more efficiently. Therefore, enabling them to better achieve their business goals. The new customer success database adds value to the client’s organization as a knowledge, collaboration, and document management tool.

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