Improving Internal Efficiency from Project Origin to Completion

Case Study:

Microsoft SharePoint Data Mapping and Training

Service: Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

Industry: Manufacturing

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A leading global provider of video transport solutions initiated an effort to map their current product development process into their existing Microsoft SharePoint Online platform. The client’s goals were to improve efficiency and increase collaboration and effectiveness throughout the product development process. The client also expressed a desire to manage the process in-house once the mapping process had been completed. As a result, the client asked Aciron to provide training and support services to the firm. This training would enable the firm to internally manage the customized platform and eventually utilize it to its fullest potential.

How We Added Value:

First, Aciron conducted on-site requirements validation sessions with key project stakeholders. During these sessions both parties discussed, analyzed, prioritized and documented the requirements for the customized Microsoft SharePoint Online system.

Aciron then developed storyboard and process flow diagrams based on the results of the requirements validations stage. These documents provided a visual representation of the layout and functionality of the system. This process allowed the client to see how the system would look and function. In addition, the client was able to provide feedback to make any changes before moving onto the development stage of the platform. Furthermore, this process ensured both parties that the customized SharePoint platform would meet the specific business needs of the client.

Following an agile development approach, Aciron then moved on to the configuration, customization, and implementation of the Microsoft SharePoint Online system. Once installed, Aciron conducted on-site Sharepoint training sessions for relevant client users led by an experienced Aciron SharePoint consultant. Thus, ensuring end users possessed the knowledge and skills to successfully utilize the customized platform to the utmost potential. 


Aciron configured and customized the user-friendly Microsoft SharePoint Online platform to enable the client to more efficiently manage and track the status of projects within the internal product development process. The user-friendly and intuitive platform includes updated features, functionality and customization that allow the client to better manage the process across the organization and increase efficiency and timeliness of project completion.

The SharePoint Online platform, among its robust capabilities, includes the following features:

  • Dynamic project tracking throughout project lifecycle from origin to end
  • Comprehensive document management features with the capability to upload, edit, track, and view document status and details in one secure location
  • Robust project management dashboard
  • Milestone tracking feature to document a project’s status through memorable points in the product development process from origin to completion of the project

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