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Implementing Inventory Management System via Custom Software

The challenge

To start, the company needed a way to keep a master list of all inventory with easy access to parts’ delivery statuses and other pertinent information. Overall, the firm contacted Aciron to develop a custom inventory management system focused on enhancing supply management. In short, this system would include features for parts tracking, management, and reporting.

Our approach

Aciron conducted interviews with client personnel to understand the company’s needs. As always, Aciron followed an agile, iterative approach to the application development. Thus, allowing the client to regularly review and make adjustments to the application. As a result, Aciron was easily able to incorporate the clients’ evolving requirements.

Throughout the project, Aciron focused on open communication. Certainly, we provided regular status reports and meetings. Aciron consistently engaged key client personnel. Therefore, ensuring project milestones were met on time and within budget.

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To clarify, the system includes an extensive set of reporting mechanisms. Thus, allowing the planners, project managers, operations managers, and buyers to more effectively maintain inventory. With on-demand access to up-to-date detailed inventory data, the client made more informed decisions.

To sum up, the browser-based application eliminates inefficiencies. For example, using multiple spreadsheets and manual processes to track inventory. Since completion, the system has proved to be a critical business application for the client. Its secure solution has driven productivity and increased margins, while reducing costs.

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