Identifying LMS Solutions for a Healthcare Non-Profit

Case Study: LMS Evaluation and Selection

Service: Software Evaluation and Selection

Industry: Healthcare

Company TypeNonprofit


A healthcare non-profit focused on helping children with behavioral challenges had been working with a contractor to a develop a custom Learning Management System (“LMS”) to automate their patented certification process that allows adults to better understand how to work children with learning and attention disabilities. The developer of the solution was unable to continue to work on the application and therefore the client sought Aciron’s assistance with completing development and expanding the functionality of the system. After viewing a demo of the contractor’s application with the client, it was clear that it would require more time and money to complete the current system than to build a new application. Before diving into another custom application, it was decided that a thorough Build vs. Buy analysis should be performed as there are many robust LMS commercial off-the-shelf (“COTS”) solutions already on the market.

How We Added Value:

Aciron performed an in-depth current state assessment to gain a thorough understanding of the company’s pain points. In addition, we would review the existing application and certification process. We conducted individual interviews with key stakeholders from the organization’s LMS project team, LMS users, and the current development contractor. Thus, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current state and needs.

Aciron discussed the LMS requirements with the client’s key stakeholders and evaluated potential LMS solutions. This analysis was based on the discussed criteria. After the analysis, the team developed a comprehensive comparison decision matrix. Therefore, enabling the team to continue to facilitate a structured decision-making process.

The prospective solutions were mapped out against the client’s requirements. These requirements included feature fit, vendor status, and budgetary price estimates. To organize the requirement we helped the client weigh each requirement according to their importance. As a result, Aciron personnel carefully analyzed and interpreted the matrix and rated the prospective solutions.


After reviewing the options presented by the Aciron team, the client decided to select a commercial off-the-shelf product. However, the commercial LMS solution met about 80% of the organization’s needs. The client decided the other 20% were deemed not critical. This product was a tried and true solution already in use by the client’s parent organization. Therefore, the client felt confident that it would be a good choice for them as well. Furthermore, without the development time that a custom application would have entailed, the client was able to implement the LMS in a short time frame. The client was able to benefit almost immediately from the increased efficiency and effectiveness of their new LMS. Thus, the software has made a big impact on client satisfaction as the organization has grown.

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