Growing Memberships for Nonprofit Organization

Case Study: Online Membership Management Portal


A non-profit organization, with members spread across the United States, was seeking to develop a tool to facilitate building a strong framework for future growth. Additionally, they were looking to provide efficient and effective services to its vast member base. In order to accomplish this feat, the organization needed to easily access and manage detailed, up-to-date information on its members. Thus, the organization contacted Aciron to develop a custom web-based membership management system. This system would be tailored to the organization’s specific needs. Therefore, allowing the organization to easily track and manage essential membership information.

How We Added Value:

Aciron conducted a series of requirements-gathering sessions and developed a set of story-board slides/screen mock-ups. These documents enabled the client to visualize the application before the development of the application.

Aciron followed an agile, flexible approach to the development of the application, allowing the client to regularly review, provide feedback, and make adjustments to the application. Therefore, every aspect of the project was documented to ensure that functional specifications were well defined. Aciron engaged key stakeholders and provided regular status updates, delivering complete visibility into the progress of the project. As a result, we delivered a scalable, end-to-end system that met all of the client’s needs. Also, we have continued to provide extended functionality for the organization’s membership system.


Aciron developed a custom web-based database driven system. Thus, enabling the nonprofit to easily and efficiently track, organize, and manage its members. The comprehensive membership management system enables the client to maintain an effective membership program by allowing the client to:

  • Maintain a complete membership directory,
  • Track and update members’ information and membership records,
  • Track members’ dues, payments, and orders,
  • Accept membership registrations online,
  • Manage all users’ roles within the system,
  • Access anywhere, anytime over the internet,
  • Maintain the security of member information via a robust security
    framework, and more.

The system was developed to be scalable and flexible, such that extended functionality and enhancements can easily be implemented. Additionally, the system is able to seamlessly adapt to modifications and meet the client’s evolving requirements. The innovative custom membership management system continues to play a vital role in enhancing efficiency within the organization. Furthermore, the system has improved member participation and retention.

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