Go-to-Market Strategy for Innovative Start-Up

Case Study: Online Secure Portal


A Massachusetts-based industry-certification and research company collects, stores, and analyzes drinking water quality data. This company analyzes water quality from over 50,000 community drinking water systems throughout the country. Now, the startup was looking to bring vast data to the consumer and develop the first tool to allow consumers and businesses to compare and contrast the quality of water. Therefore, the client turned to Aciron Consulting for expert assistance in shaping the go-to-market strategy for the new business opportunity. Additionally, Aciron would develop a custom web application and website. Thus, promoting the firm’s water quality certification program and allow consumers to identify and assess the quality of their drinking water.

How We Added Value:

Aciron conducted a series of in-depth requirements definition sessions to define the client’s requirements and strategic direction for the innovative tool and service. Then, Aciron provided insights and inputs from concept-to-launch experience regarding go-to-market strategies and what drives consumers’ decision making. 

Aciron developed a set of story-boards and process flow diagrams to enable the client to visualize the new tool. Aciron continuously provided status updates to the client, providing complete visibility into the progress of the project. As a result, the client reviewed the initial documentations and provided feedback. This feedback was incorporated into the final design of the web application. 

Aciron developed and implemented the custom web application to meet the specific needs of the client. 


Aciron developed and helped the startup launch an intuitive and interactive web application and website. Thus, allowing consumers and businesses to compare and contrast the quality of tap, bottled, and post-filtered water, across the United States.

The comprehensive application includes:

  • Advanced search functionality
  • Comprehensive interactive dashboard of search results, including dynamic charts, graphs, tables, and visuals to analyze the quality of drinking water at a detailed level
  • Integration with Google Maps to allow users to analyze water contaminant concentrations across the United States
  • Affiliate marketing to allow users to purchase filter solutions through third-party website
  • Premium user registration and login 
  • Integration with Facebook Login to drive engagement through social media and allow for easy registration and sign in
  • User-friendly 5-star rating system functionality to allow users to rate water systems

The client successfully launched the concept and is quickly establishing momentum in the marketplace. Initial clients and users are responding very positively to the innovative service. Furthermore, the company is continuing to grow and add to its service offerings.

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