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Developing a Construction Quoting Application

The challenge

To start, in order to maintain compatibility with Microsoft Access 1997, the company could not upgrade users’ computers or their accounting software. Unfortunately, users also experienced frequent crashes and performance issues. Subsequently, this led to inefficiencies and loss of productivity. So, while this outdated system served some of the company’s needs, it caused roadblocks.

However, to improve efficiency and better meet current needs, the company sought to upgrade to a web-based custom quoting system. As part of this initiative, they reached out to Aciron for help with developing the upgraded quoting system.

The approach

Aciron conducted in-depth user interviews with key stakeholders to define the specifications of the new system. Further, Aciron looked at the client’s current quoting system to evaluate whether it was properly aligned with the company’s business goals.

While discussing the client’s current quoting process, Aciron and the client expressed desired features and functionality for the new system. In addition, these discussions underscored the importance of making the system accessible remotely. As a result, users can access it while on off-site jobs. Based on the client’s requirements, goals, and vision, Aciron presented actionable recommendations for developing an optimized quoting system.

Next, Aciron created storyboards to define the layout of the application, as well as process diagrams to map out the system’s workflows. Our developers coded it according to the documentation once the client was satisfied. Then, the system was thoroughly tested by both the Aciron team and the client. User acceptance testing (“UAT”) allowed the client to ensure the application met users’ specific needs. Additionally, it provided the client with an opportunity to identify and request any desired tweaks.

Once testing was completed, Aciron designed the updated system while keeping key findings and the client’s feedback in mind. Finally, we deployed the system to the client’s production environment.

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In short, the client’s new quoting system adapts to their evolving business needs. Additionally, it sets the client up for long-term, sustainable success. Upon completion of the quoting system, the client was so happy with the results that they asked Aciron to help them develop a second application to streamline their scheduling process.

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