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Creating a Knowledge Base Using SharePoint

How Aciron does it

A global management consulting firm wanted to improve communication between employees. Aciron developed a knowledge management system (KMS) with easier navigation and employee training wikis. Our team implemented Microsoft SharePoint and created a seamless document management system.

What we did

The challenge

A consulting firm with hundreds of employees was not satisfied with their current knowledge management system (KMS). They were using a commercial off-the-shelf solution that initially met their needs. However, as the system was updated, the firm found that it no longer aligned with their requirements. For this reason, the organization began looking for a KMS that could be a long-term solution. The solution would provide a central hub of knowledge for their employees. The firm performed an in-depth requirements analysis to brainstorm the best platform. As a result, they decided that Microsoft SharePoint 2016 would be the best fit. Upon making this decision, the firm reached out to Aciron for assistance with developing their new KMS.

Aciron migrated the organization’s data from the outdated software to the new SharePoint KMS. Our team of technical consultants wrote code to associate metadata tags with each folder, then documented and imported this data into SharePoint. This migration process ensured that users would have full access to the historical data.


Our team developed a custom SharePoint KMS that acts as a central knowledge repository. Thus, allowing the company to better capture and retain critical organizational information. In addition, the KMS consisted of various sites and sub-sites. These included client and project profiles, department sites, groups and committees, areas of expertise, essential on boarding documents, and a learning center.
Above all, the system’s comprehensive and searchable database allowed employees to navigate past experience. This included specific clients and projects, lessons learned key insights from engagements, and employee's area of expertise.


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