Connecting the Volunteer Community through an Online Portal

Case Study: Online Volunteer Management Portal


A local Boston-based health department that sponsors a program for volunteers to visit the elderly was in need of a database-driven web application. This application would capture and report on information about the participants in the program. The department wanted to be able to capture and manage comprehensive information about both program participants and volunteers. In addition, the company wanted to generate automatic emails upon confirmation of the volunteer assignment.

The challenge with the project was to create a system that integrated the needs of both administrators and end-users. Thus, ensuring accurate and secure data capture, as well as enable consistent management capabilities. Security was of utmost importance due to the confidential nature of the information being captured in the forms. Therefore, the key requirements included a robust security framework, automatic email notifications, data input capabilities, and report generation capabilities. As a result, the company contacted Aciron to help the web application. 

How We Added Value:

Aciron worked closely with the department to identify, define and document the key requirements of capturing data and security for the system. Then, Aciron developed a series of process flow diagrams and storyboard mock-ups. These documents enabled the client to view what the application would look like.

Aciron provided frequent status updates on the workflows and storyboard mock-ups. The client was able to feedback on the documents. After the system’s design and functionality were finalized, Aciron created a plan to develop and implement the new system. As a result, Aciron delivered a system that performed exactly as the client anticipated.


Aciron developed a custom database-driven web-based application. Thus, enabling the client to effectively and efficiently manage volunteers, documents, and participant information. Some of the system’s features include:

  • Web-based system accessible through remote web browsers
  • A robust security framework with unique user log-ins and password protection
  • Ability for end user to access, complete, submit, and edit forms online
  • Ability for administrators to enter, track, edit, and manage data
  • Report generation functionality
  • Automatic email notifications of user updates to administrators

This custom application now plays an integral role in allowing the city to more efficiently manage, track and maintain data in this program. The application provides report generation features, the ability to pre-populate forms, and tracking capabilities. Additionally, with its simple web-based design, this portal allows for collaboration and efficient correspondence between all parties. Designed with the end-user in mind, this intuitive form provides an easily accessible and utilizable form. Therefore, enabling volunteers to manage and track their account information.

Due to the amount of sensitive information stored on the platform, the robust security framework ensures that personal information is kept safe and confidential. Each user is granted their own unique log-in which enables them to safely manage their account and their assignments.

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