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Case Study: Online Intuitive Employee Directory

Service: Custom Software Development, Custom Database Development

Industry: Legal

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An international law firm that employs over 600 lawyers in 16 offices around the world realized the importance of communication and collaboration among employees. Therefore, the firm determined that it needed a faster means for employees to locate contact employee information. At the time, the process of finding the needed information, such as phone numbers, departments, locations, titles was time-consuming and frustrating. As a result, the firm contacted Aciron Consulting to design and develop a custom employee directory.

How  We Added Value:

Aciron first performed a brief requirements validation activity to understand the firm’s specific requirements. In addition, Aciron was able to determine the best strategy for developing an employee directory that leveraged the firm’s existing technology investments. Based on such activity, the team decided to develop a custom browser-based .NET employee directory application. This application would access the client’s existing SharePoint active directory in order to best meet the client’s unique needs.

Aciron designed comprehensive storyboards and process flow diagrams. These documents provided a visual aid to represent the layout, look and feel, and functionality of the final employee directory. The Aciron team regularly reviewed such documentation with the client. As a result, we incorporated client feedback throughout the process.


Aciron developed a custom browser-based enterprise directory, tailored to the specific needs of the client. Thus, allowing the client’s employees to instantly find the relevant employee information. The custom .NET application accesses the client’s existing SharePoint active directory. The user-friendly application includes an intuitive display and navigation. As a result, users can search employees by name or by other values such as extension and office location. Additionally, Aciron developed the application such that search results are displayed in an organized and straightforward manner. Therefore, allowing users to quickly and easily view and print information, such as an employee’s telephone number, office, title, department, desk location, secretary, and secretary extension. The custom employee directory serves as a valuable information source for the firm. Also, the directory promotes collaboration and information sharing across the global firm.

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