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Case Study: Content Management System

Service: Website Development

Industry: Legal, Nonprofit

Company TypePrivate


The philanthropic organization of a large global investment banking firm was seeking to develop a new public website to reach and serve as an informational portal. At the time, the organization’s primary online vehicle for attracting, informing, and converting donors was through a static and outdated website. The organization was looking to promote action around charitable giving and captured potential donors in a new way. Thus, the organization needed an elegant and easily manageable website. This new website would enhance opportunities for growth and easily provide valuable information to potential new donors. As a result, the client engaged Aciron Consulting to design and develop the website according to its unique requirements.

How We Added Value:

Aciron started out by working collaboratively with the client to understand the client’s vision and needs for the website. In addition, the client informed Aciron that the organization conducted internal requirements gathering and planning. Thus, the client had already determined some specific requirements and design elements to be included in the site.

Aciron continued to work with the client to develop a solid roadmap for the initiative. Based on the client’s needs and requirements, the client and Aciron decided to utilize DNN (formerly DotNetNuke), an open source . NET content management system (CMS). Therefore, allowing management of websites without significant technical knowledge.

Through in-depth interviews, Aciron developed storyboards and workflow diagrams to visually articulate the layout, terminology, functionality of the website. In addition, Aciron documented user interaction with the new website. After regularly reviewing and finalizing the design of the website with the client, Aciron followed an agile, flexible approach to the development of the website. This allowed the client to make adjustments so that the website best supported their requirements. 


Aciron developed and delivered a modern, clean, and easy-to-navigate website. This website successfully fulfilled all of the client’s requirements for the website. Based on the requirements, Aciron developed a website that is very content and documents heavy. The website includes documents and resources from relevant philanthropic publications to recent news in philanthropy, to a question and answer forum. In addition, the website provides an easy-to-navigate interactive and informational online experience for visitors.

With rich experience with DNN, Aciron was able to successfully develop the website on the open-source CMS. Thus, allowing the client administrators to easily update and manage website content.

With the new website, the client is now able to regularly communicate with its target audience. Additionally, the client can provide up-to-date information and deliver engaging documents and resources to its visitors. Since launching the website, the client has been able to attract and more effectively engage potential donors. Furthermore, the organization is able to convert more traffic to donors.

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