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Centralizing construction schedule review with a custom database application

How Aciron does it

Overall, the Massachusetts Department needed a custom web application. Using an iterative story-boarding and multi-phased process, our team was able to build a custom database. It was a SQL server for a massive transportation company. The program was so well received that it was presented at a regional industry conference.

What we did
  • Requirements Definition
  • Storyboard Design
  • Workflow Documentation
  • Custom Web Application
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • SQL Server
  • Adobe PDF Generation

The challenge

The Massachusetts Department that oversees roads, public transit, and transportation licensing was in need of a software solution. More specifically, their goal was to have a software for their bridge improvement program. It would determine which personnel could store and retrieve information, as well as track construction assignments. The organization used a wide range of manual processes, such as paper-based reports and spreadsheets. These methods were inefficient and time-consuming.In addition they offered limited visibility into real-time reported data. The firm reached out for assistance with automating these processes in one integrated custom database. Users needed to manage construction assignments, conduct schedule reviews, track issues, and generate analytics reports.

Our approach

Aciron began by collaborating with the client to analyze the requirements and strategic direction for the application. In initial meetings, Aciron and the client evaluated all the software options. The recommended solution entailed building a custom database application using Microsoft .NET and SQL server technologies.

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Since implementation, the application has been adopted for all scheduling activity in the client's scheduling department. The client was so pleased with the custom database application that they presented it at their regional industry conference. It received rave reviews from conference attendees. We continue to work with the client to add new functionality based on user feedback. Thus, expanding and updating the application according to the client's growing needs.

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