Automating Every Aspect of a College with Connected Business Processes

Case Study: Strategy and Implementation

Service: Software Evaluation and SelectionStrategy Consulting

Industry: Education

Company TypePrivate


A leading private specialized college, based in New England, provides Master’s degree programs to students from across the world. The college was managing its business processes across several disjointed applications, tools, and spreadsheets. Seeking to eliminate the inefficiencies, the client initiated an effort to identify and implement a higher education management system. This system would integrate and automate important business processes, such as admissions management, content management, library management, and alumni management. As part of such effort, the client contacted Aciron Consulting to weed through the complex software marketplace. Additionally, Aciron would conduct a thorough software evaluation to identify a system that would best meet the client’s needs.

How We Added Value:

First, Aciron performed a current state assessment of the college’s existing systems, data, processes, and IT environment. This allowed Aciron to analyze current processes, gaps, and areas for improvement. Additionally, Aciron gathered and analyzed the client’s requirements for a new system.

Aciron conducted interactive workshops and individual interviews with each of the client’s key stakeholders. This allowed Aciron to gain a better understanding of the systems and each user’s experience with the systems. Through these interviews, Aciron identified users’ specific needs and goals for a new integrated system.

Aciron identified, compared, and analyzed software solutions that met the client’s requirements. During the process, Aciron and the client identified higher education management systems that best met the client’s requirements. Then, after extensive in-depth analysis, the client selected a system for implementation. After the client chose a system, Aciron assisting with the implementation of the system.


Through an intensive evaluation process, Aciron and the client selected a web-based college management system. This system was found to be the best option that met key business and technical requirements. Aciron worked with the college to assist in the implementation and configuration of the system for the upcoming school year. Aciron provided strategic support for data migration, configuration, data testing, and preparation for the live launch of the system.

The system includes comprehensive student lifecycle, admissions, course, academic, enrollment, records, communication, library, and bookstore management features. Additionally, the new system integrates, automates, and streamlines the client’s critical business processes. This web-based system provides the client with a one-stop solution tailored to small colleges. The system is currently in use across the institution and has enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and coordination throughout the college.

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