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Automating CRO Software for Study Management System

How Aciron does it

To start, a contract research organization (CRO) was encountering challenges. For example, when it came to managing studies it performed in its research facility. Originally the organization used a paper-based manual process for study requests. Overall, they needed an efficient automated solution. Our technology consulting skills were required.


"Realizing the value of a website but not being familiar with the process, we initially enlisted Aciron’s services. Aciron took the time to help us understand the process and together we developed a website that is functional, accurate, and cost-effective. As our company grew, we realized the need for a system that managed our account and data information and recognized that an “off-the-shelf” program would not work for our business. Aciron developed a customized system with an easy-to-use user interface yet was scalable enough to handle our business needs. Throughout our collaboration, Aciron provided professional, timely services with exceptional results." - Scientist

Our approach

Firstly, Aciron met with the client over time to better understand their needs. Additionally, Aciron gained an understanding of the processes managing the studies. Then Aciron documented the requirements and created a story board. In other words, we demonstrated the flow of the application. Once the solution was developed Aciron held user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions.

As a result, with the UAT sessions the client provided feedback. During which Aciron incorporated when finalizing the system. Over the course of several brainstorming sessions the team finalized the solution. Finally, the end product included a system for managing studies. It was an end-to-end scheduling and management system.

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