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Assisting a Law Firm Customize Microsoft SharePoint

How Aciron does it

Firstly, the marketing department of a leading international property law firm had a problem. So, they initiated an effort to build a custom experience management system. Overall, this system would consolidate the firm’s cases and related data into one centralized location. This law firm was looking for a custom management system.

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In other words, Aciron designed, developed, and implemented a custom experience management system. Thus, enabling the client to track and manage the firm’s case records effectively.

Further, the user-friendly solution allows the client to manage case records, case activities, and clients. Additionally, it gives the marketing department the visibility they need into the firm’s successes. In other words, the experience management system includes updated features, functionality, and design elements. It allowed the client to add and manage the firm’s case records and information, such as:

Ability to generate custom reports

Advanced Search Functionality

Case categorization by type in order to more easily monitor significant activities

Ability to update case activities, summaries, and important notes to consistently monitor progress

Ability to track cases from origin to end, along with any parallel matters

Integrated active directory to associate firm attorneys with cases

Customized views that improve the user experience for each role


The system was developed to be scalable and flexible. Moreover, it will enjoy long-term, sustainable success. In conclusion, Aciron will continue to work on system enhancements that will provide further value to the firm.

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